Remove Tourists From Your Pictures … Legally!

January 7, 2008

Yep, it’s no longer necessary to pack your .45 to get rid of those pesky tourists when trying to take pictures while sightseeing. “Tourist Remover” by is a free tool that claims to allow you to take multiple shots from the same perspective (sounds easier with a tripod), and the “stuff” that is not-common across at least 2 shots will be removed from the composite image.

This really interests me, so I’m going to sign up — it’s a web access only tool. I shoot a lot of multiple images, so I’m hoping I can find a couple of images of the same framing that I can get some shots uploaded and test. It looks like you get 100MB free storage and the web application has all of the expected refinement and effect/enhancement tools, too.

In the meantime, they have 4 sample images to test the function with. You have to login to the the site and select the “Demo: Tourist Remover” folder, highlight all of the images, and hit the “Remove Tourists” function button (on the far right … on my window, I had to shift to the right to get to the button). Don’t forget to enable the site for a pop-up window! This brings you to a new page where you are recommended to order the images from most clear to least clear of your desired subject matter (left to right). Finally, hit the “Create” button to get your job submitted — my job was #333 in line.

It ran pretty quick and my notification e-mail was in my inbox right away.

The resulting image is placed back in your webspace on in a folder called “TouristRemover” (who wudda thunk?). Checking out the sample image, and it did indeed remove the people in it, but neither the source or final image is very sharp upon zoomed inspection.

Final answer is that I really need to upload some higher quality images to see what it will do.

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