Trying To Capture The Holiday Lights

January 5, 2008

After my meeting last night, I drove around downtown for a bit in search of the building they have lit up for the holidays (shown on the news and stuff as filler video). I finally found it, and after circling a few times in the dark, I found parking.

Even with a tripod, I’m still moving too much (I think) for clear shots, but I did get a few that are tolerable. Here’s one:

Holiday Lights

(Focal length: 38mm, 1/1.3 sec @ F/5, 0 EV, ISO 200)

And a fun one out of focus (intentionally)

Out of focus fun

(Focal length: 200mm, 1/2.5 sec @ F5.6, 0 EV, ISO 720)

It seems my Nikon D70 won’t let me use the timer in Manual mode, so I’m sure I contributed a bit of shake from handling and button pushing. Does this *really* make me want a new 18-200mm VR Nikor lens? YES! And I really need to get around to getting a remote control “clicker”, too.

Also, a new body would be cool, with a larger LCD screen. The D70 is a great camera, but the tiny LCD screen is hard for me to see how I’m doing and do course corrections in the field (when you need to do it).

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