This Artist Is Going Big Time!

December 24, 2008

My sister has been doing artsy, craftsy, musicy stuff forever, and she realized a few years ago that it is important enough to her to really let it come out and shine.

She recently had the opportunity to do an exhibit of her work in Jacksonville, FL’s Artwalk 2008 — her first *big* exhibit!  See here and here for some details from her blog.

She has prints of her work for sale as well as *some* of the originals, so contact her for more details.  She even has a hook-up if you want some of her stuff on a t-shirt, hoodie, mug, bag, etc here!

Finally, she even has her new book up and available at Amazon.  Poetry and observations from her life experiences — truely interesting and insightful to her life and inspirations.

She even has some of her music online somewhere, but I’ll have to find that for another post.  Her boyfriend, a friend, and her are gigging somewhere in the near future, so maybe they’ll get a recording of that, too (hint hint).

Fun Guitar Stuff

January 7, 2008

Wandering around, I came across a piece of software (haven’t gotten to try it yet, however) called “Guitar & Drum Trainer” from Renegade Minds. It allows you to play mp3’s and slow them down to make the track easier to learn. It also has some fun live graphs and charts while the track plays.

I’m curious about combining a tool like this with some good old fashioned cheater tabs (like at While learning to play (some semblance?) of the track, you can play along at a speed more comfortable to your skill level and then speed up to true tempo. I’m thinking this would be much easier than struggle trying to keep up with the track from the start.

Also, from, I found Seems like a neat concept … video lessons contributed by various instructors in many different musical styles. As of this writing, they are doing 24 free lessons and then only $10.95/month for full access. I’m curious how the quality of each lesson is (video, sound, and instructional effectiveness) … maybe I’ll give it a shot one of these days.

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