About Me

In spite of the fact that I am supposed to put something funny, clever, or even informational here, I’m just not sure I’m ready for that yet.

So, instead, I’ll just list some characteristics about me:

  • Humanoid
  • Eats occasionally
  • Fakes computer competency fairly well
  • Is pretty good a guessing the wrong direction of a stock
  • Works far too much

Everything else at this time is left as an exercise for the reader.

4 Responses to About

  1. bibomedia says:



  2. Lori Oppenlander says:

    I was reading your blog about Gluten / Casein and Soy free information. My son is allergic to all of these also plus a few more things. I happened to notice that you use Almond Breeze milk for this diet. We also used to use this product. I happened to look at the label one day and realized it has soy milk in it. I never thought to look at the label for almond milk. We now use rice dream milk. My son is pretty allergic to soy and I was feeding it to him daily. May want to double check the label on yours also. I think we were using Blue Diamond Almond Breeze if I remember correctly. I have also discovered Clarified Butter as an alternative to butter and margarine for him. If you buy it at Whole Foods it is about $6.50 for a 7.5 oz bottle but I think you can also make it yourself. Thank you for your information and God Bless.


  3. Lori Oppenlander says:

    I forgot add one more comment. The bottle of clarified butter sasy it is casein free.


  4. Joanmarie says:

    Please post your stock trades. Especially anything you get the urge to sell. I really should be doing something about retirement planning — in case the Maya prove to be wrong. 🙂


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