More Gluten Free / Casein Free Info And Links

Here are some more quick notes from some documentation that I had created for the caretakers involved with J:

  • No more eating out (there are a *few* safe restaurants, but we’re being very selective because of cross-contamination … if the owner/operator has Celiacs disease, the chances of it being safe are *much* better, as they should understand the consequences) … the CF part, however, is less common
  • No more McD’s chicken nuggets, fries, etc. no more pizza, mac-n-cheese, or cheese for that matter
  • No more cheese sticks, singles, or BUTTER
  • No more milk or milk products!
  • MINIMUM soy products … soy supposedly has a chemical makeup very similar to casein … in a few months, if he’s showing improvement, and it looks like his “Leaky gut” (if that’s what he has) is much more healed, we may use some additional soy products
  • We have to be *extremely* vigilant with his eating when not at home (i.e. school, therapy, etc). We are preparing a letter detailing his GF/CF diet to release to all of his caretakers. Luckily, most of them are familiar with the diet, so it’s more a notice than to educate
  • We’ll have to start making his lunch and snacks to send with him to school, too
  • There are quite a few GF products now in the specialty sections as well as the “health”-type stores … HOWEVER, they may not be CF, so we have to be extra careful
  • Certain cookware will have to be for J’s food only (like anything cast iron or anything we can’t be 100% sure we are getting completely clean/safe)
  • Even some juice is suspect because of the additives and colorings

Everywhere J goes, he carries his lunchbox with GF/CF snacks in it. That way, if we are delayed getting somewhere, he always has safe foods to eat.

More information and links …

Somewhat understandable article about the GF/CF – Autism connection.

Scientific article with information about the GF/CF – Autism connection.

Food manufacturer in Australia (Whole Foods carries them): Orgran

Deby’s Gluten Free (link) – Local bakery in Denver, CO (but they ship, too) – they also have a small restaurant, and it sounds like they may be changing their name and also getting some products in King Soopers! They already provide product to some local restaurants (like Beau Jo’s mountain pizza), but since we have to worry about the casein free component, eating out is pretty much not happening.

Link to video on Good Morning America here.

Vitamins from Kirkman are recommended in a enhanced dosage by … we ordered a “trial” size of the 2 powders and most of the liquids (except those w/o Vit A & D).

Candia may also be an issue, so, it’s on the hit list after we see how the GF/CF diet goes. Some treatments like ThreeLac seem to get good reviews, but we want to make only one change at a time.

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