Gluten Free / Casein Free / Soy Free (usually) foods that we like

I’m going to try to put together a list of GF/CF/SF foods that we’ve been using for our nephew J (who has Autism). Hopefully, this gives someone a head start on their own GF/CF adventure.

Keep in mind that ingredients change over time, so always do your own homework and call the company (almost all products have 800 numbers on them now) and verify everything. I spent a few hours shopping the stores and calling on my cell phone right there in the aisle. Just do it!

Milk Substitute

We’ve tried rice milk (often not “safe” per the packaging), almond milk, hazelnut milk, even hemp milk (can’t do soy milk). We’ve settled on Almond Breeze almond milk by Diamond. They have a sweetened (with evaporated cane juice, not sucrose) and non-sweetened. I prefer the sweetened, my wife prefers the unsweetened (I think it tastes too nutty, where the sweetened tastes more like 2% milk to me). J seems to like either, but we bought a bunch of the sweetened at the Vitamin Cottage when they had a per-case deal. We use the vanilla flavor for use on cereal or cooking (it’s a bit more watery than 2% cowmilk and not enough fat to make a good binder, tho) or just drinking. We use chocolate flavor for drinking because he (and I) like it! We also found some “juice box” sized containers from Pacific that we use for travel, when we can put it in a sports drink bottle for him.


J *loves* pasta, and I can’t blame him! At first, that seemed like one of the harder ones to solve, but actually, I think we’ve found some really good substitutes. There are some that are made from brown rice that are very popular, but I actually don’t care for them as much (will get the brand some other day).

The ones we use the most are made by Mrs. Leepers and are made from CORN. They have corn pasta spirals that work very well for us, and he likes them with “butter” sauce (Fleishman’s unsalted margarine sticks, yellow box, green ribbon) or red sauce (just a decent tomato sauce that is GF/CF/SF).

Mrs. Leepers also makes a tri-colored radiator pasta (I think it’s brown rice based) as well as a tri-color spirals (may also be rice based) … he likes both of them, too.

Oragam makes some nice products as well as Dr. Schure (forget the actual spelling). More info on them later.

Hot Dogs

What kid doesn’t love hot dogs? Normally, we’d head right for the Hebrew Nation product, as I think they have the best taste, but they use soy in their products. If you are only on a GF/CF diet, get Hebrew nation, but if you are also SF, look for Bar-S brand. We’ve found them in Safeway, King Soopers, and even Walmart. Per their website, all of their products are GF/CF/SF except for their corndogs.

Butter / Margarine

So, no milk products, so butter and all of its friends are right out. Even a lot of margarines have soy in them as an emulsifier. We found Fleishman’s unsalted margarine sticks (yellow box, green ribbon) is safe, per the manufacturer. It is unsalted, so we just add some kosher or sea salt to the mix and it all works out. It doesn’t really add the qualities of butter, as it melts more into just an oil, so that’s a little disappointing, but considering we can’t do milk products, cream is pretty hard to come by.

If you can do soy, there are a lot more choices out there, but we don’t so I can’t really tell you about them.


Sorry, we’re at a dead end here — we’ve only found one thing that was GF/CF/SF and they wouldn’t even use it on Fear Factor.


Most juices are OK, but you have to be careful with anything using artificial coloring. Some artificial coloring isn’t GF, so we just stick with pure products — besides, they taste better. Our apple juice has “apple juice” in it. Simple, eh?


Most meats are OK, but deli meats (roast beef, turkey, etc) may have non-GF/CF safe ingredients. Boars Head is safe per the manufacturer, and I think it tastes better than a lot of the other brands out there (bonus!). Also, we’re not willing to try rotisserie chicken for the same reason … it’s too hard to know what the seasoning and prep ingredients are. Most seafoods seem to be OK, in the unseasoned state … anything that is a “prepared” food, do your homework and error on the side of caution.

Breakfast Cereal

We’ve tried a few of the GF/CF cereals out there and the best (and most kid friendly) we’ve found is by Envirokidz. The kids like:

  • Gorilla Munch (like Kix?)
  • Koala Crisp (Coco Pebbles)
  • Amazon Frosted Flakes

They didn’t care for the Panda Puffs (peanut butter), but I liked them. They are very good cereals made from simple ingredients (evaporated cane juice instead of sucrose again) and taste very good. NOT ALL ENVIROKIDZ CEREALS ARE GF/CF!! Be careful and read the labels.

We tried a granola type cereal and it just tasted and felt like clumps of sawdust.


Well, cereal is always easy, and there are some very good GF/CF “cereal” and fruit bars out there. Gluteno makes some, but double check the labels. LARABAR bars are very, very good and are GF/CF/SF/kosher/etc/etc … just simple, pure ingredients.

Popcorn! We buy Safeway’s store brand *organic* microwave popcorn (unbuttered). Simple ingredients, and I confirmed with the 800 number they were safe. This popcorn tastes so good, in a blind taste test, you’d swear there was butter on it. J has a sandwich sized ziptop bag of popcorn in his snack box at all times (unless he’s just eaten it!).

…more to come…

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25 Responses to Gluten Free / Casein Free / Soy Free (usually) foods that we like

  1. Butter—have you looked at GHEE, the clarified butter from India’s cuisine. Available in health food stores No casein in it. Tastes great also.


  2. Sam says:

    I’ve not heard of that before, but I’ll be looking into it now, tho! 🙂

    Thanks for the info!


  3. Angie says:

    Thanks for the tips, we are just getting started and they are very helpful! We agree with the gorilla cereal, so far thats #1 with our son:-) please keep updating, we will be checking back with you.


  4. Michelle says:

    Helpful info for me also, thanks. I’m new to the food intolerance world myself, just learned last month that I can’t have gluten, casein, soy, and eggs. For what it’s worth, ghee is simply clarified butter according to my trusty companion the “Joy of Cooking”, no need for a specialty store. Just melt butter in a pan, let it cool for a few minutes to let the solids sink to the bottom, and skim the butter fat “ghee” from the top, dispose of the solids at the bottom. I think I’m going to try using one of those measuring cups with the pour spout at the bottom that you use for making gravy (to separate out the broth from the fat), just in reverse, pour off the solids and keep the fat. Are you sure the Fleischman’s doesn’t have soy???? All the varieties I checked at my grocery did.


  5. Sam says:

    The Fleischman’s margine that we found is the Unsalted (yellow container with green writing). I can’t remember if we verified that it is completely soy free, however, and I don’t have a box handy to look at. Also, don’t forget, manufactures may change ingredients or processing without any significant notice!

    My only concern with making our own clarified butter is that you may not get it completely contaminant free (i.e. not skim enough, contaminate the clarified liquid with the skimmer, etc) … it probably would be safe if you have *some* level of tolerance, but that is an individual by individual decision.

    Thanks for the great info, tho … I’d be interested in making some just for other stuff (like dipping crab legs in 🙂 ).


  6. Michelle says:

    Crab legs sound like a GREAT idea! I like several of the Enjoy Life goodies and cereals, also. Some of them are available from if you can’t find them locally – I know this because I can’t find anything except “naked” basic fresh food locally, and Amazon’s pricing is much better than most of the other online sites. Figured out after I posted my comment last night that your circumstances had changed, hope I didn’t cause any distress. Thanks again for the really helpful info, I had not seen the TACA site before, I’m still learning my way around and I started with the celiac/gluten intolerance sites but now am adding in the CF info too. Best wishes to you and yours.


  7. Sam says:


    It’s true the kids are gone (we haven’t even seen them since mid-December, but that’s also by our choice … not wanting to cause them any confusion or distress), but our passion to help people dealing with Autism or Celiac’s (my grandmother has it) hasn’t wained. Anything we can do to help someone else makes us feel good.

    Thinking about crab legs reminds me of something I saw at Sam’s Club and almost made a very bad boo boo … I think it’s time I dusted off my blog and actually posted something again!

    Thanks for getting me going!


  8. jamill says:

    thanks for helping me and my family by giving us tip on my little brother james


  9. Kellie says:

    I am new to the whole milk free soy free world. My 3 year old son is alleric to both. I have been baking with coconut oil in place of butter, margerine, or crisco. IT has worked out well. So far, I have made cinnamon rolls, bread, and rice krispie treats using the coconut oil. I found it at Walmart by the crisco.


  10. Lynn says:


    Thanks for all your information, I just found out I can’t eat eggs, Soy, Wheat, Gluten, Dairy and I am new at this so any information would be helpful. I was needing where to buy products and receipes.


  11. Sue says:

    My son can’t take cows milk nor soya (wouldn’t want him on soy anyway as lots if contaminated with GM these days)
    However he can take rice milk and goats milk
    We can also get goats milk butter.

    I would like to try raw milk but we haven’t found a supply yet.
    He was tested by a kinesiologist for the allergies.
    We are also booked into to do Tomatis listening therapy at Eester so will see what happens.


    • Sam says:

      I also like Almond milk … The stuff from Diamond is pretty tolerable, and not too watery. The Chocolate is good, and the Vanilla is a bit sweet, but if you are eating it in a recipe or in cereal, it’s OK.

      Just be careful when cooking with alternate “milk”s because they don’t behave the way cow milk does and many recipes count on that for the dish to come out right.


  12. DM says:

    Hi, I also liked the almond milk from Blue Diamond. However, the ingredient list shows that it does contain soy (soy lecithin). Is Diamond a different company from Blue Diamond?


    • Sam says:

      I wrote my reply without looking at a current box of the almond milk, so maybe it does have soy now? That’s good info for people, and I re-iterate ALWAYS CHECK THE LABELS … stuff changes over time, or you may just overlook something, too.

      Great info, thanks!


    • Marie says:

      Whole Foods now has thier 365 Brand of Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk for $1.99 without any soy!


  13. ellen says:

    Check the label of the Almond Breeze by Blue Diamond.
    I bought it and my son loved it, then I just did some research on it and it has an addittive. It is called Almond Breeze uses carrageenan in it’s products. This additive has a bad reputation of causing stomach problems. Really look in to it. Cancer Causing agents also. Just look up Carrageenan. Bad news.


    • Sam says:

      It really makes it discouraging that every time we find something that seems like a good product, further digging finds something else to be concerned about.

      Thanks for the info!


  14. Vic says:

    I can across this post accidentally looking for soy free hot dogs. Vegan Rice Cheese sold at Whole Foods isn’t too bad.


  15. Johanna says:

    I haven’t tried it yet but Daiya cheese substitute (dairy/soy/rice free) is creating a lot of excitement on web sites I have visited.

    Udi’s bread is GFCF and very good. I have read about Sandwich Petals (flatbread) that is also GFCF but have not yet tried it, either.


  16. Heidi says:

    I found a wonderful tasting brand of spread. “Earth Balance” it is dairy free and it is nice and salty. They make a soy free version as well which we are going to try. Our daughter is GF and we just recenty are trying SF. Walmart now carries Earth Balance.


  17. Lois says:

    The Daiya cheese is GREAT! My son is GF/CF/SF and he loves it. The texture is a lot like real cheese…it is stringy when you cook it. We also use the Earth Balance GF/CF/SF butter (in the red tub) and we love it!


  18. Carissa says:

    My son is also gf/sf/cf and we use earth balance soy free (red container) and is absolutely delicious! Baking with it amazing too. Thanks for Sharon your info w us!!


  19. Jose Lape says:

    So very very cool! I am thrilled I found this site! Some points I completely agree with and knew about, but some stuff I had not thought about! Thanks!


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